The Coffee Republic: Affordability and delectability mixed in a cup

Uniqueness always makes you stand out; it makes you defined in a way that you’ll be remembered even time goes by.

This may be the secret of The Coffee Republic which has been continually brewing for seven aromatic years and counting in the coffee industry, making it one of the oldest coffee shops in the province. Indeed, its one of a kind setting and extraordinary food choices make the place stand out even if a lot of  cozier coffee and tea shops sprouted all over the province like mushrooms.

One of the noticeable differences of the shop among others is the look itself. Unlike other coffee shops that have modern interior, The Coffee Republic has the fiesta look. The kubo like setting plus the colorful banderitas hanging from the ceiling gives you a barrio fiesta feeling that is relaxing. Add to that the soft music playing while dining.

Aside from the typical coffee concoctions, The Coffee Republic has a variety of unique coffee combinations from hot to cold. One of these is Coffee Chips Frappe. The coffee blends well with chocolate. The drink is not too sweet and really tastes good. Coffee Chips Frappe is highly recommended! The aroma itself feels like you’re in heaven.

Photo Courtesy of Tasty Life Bits

Usually, coffee shops offer snacks only like cakes and pastries. The Coffee Republic chooses to be different; it serves diners with rice meals that are absolutely flavorful and salivating. I’m telling you, guys, their meals are a must try.

Their sisig recipes are delightful and undeniably delicious. The moist dishes do not make them boring to eat and will give you a creamy texture once a spoonful touches your tongue.

Aside from these unique offerings, The Coffee Republic also serves clubhouse sandwich and chicken fingers paired with potato fries with the skin intact. Isn’t it unique?! The owners said they don’t peel off the skin because of the nutrients it contains. 

Another thing that makes this coffee shop different from others is their pricing. You don’t need to pay high to experience the relaxing fiesta ambience and the mouthwatering food of the shop because their rates are really reasonable. You can have a cup of coffee for as low as P35.00. And for P80.00, you can feast on the place’s famed sisig which is good for 2-3 persons. The clubhouse sandwich, on the other hand, costsP60.00 while a platter of chicken fingers is P80.00—both good for 2-3 persons.

If you want to try how extraordinary The Coffee Republic is, visit it in Poblacion, Mangaldan, Pangasinan, a few steps from the municipal hall.

For reservations and inquiries, and to avail of their catering services, contact The Coffee Republic through the following numbers: 0915-443-5320, 0932-652-2927, 0908-381-222

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