PASKO: Christmas in the Philippines

The Tagalog word Pasko derives from the Spanish word Pascua. Although the wordPascua means Easter, Pascua de Navidad refers to Christmas.

The Philippines is known for having the world’s longest Christmas season. The four months that end with the syllable –ber are considered Christmas months, which is why stores and households start playing carols on the first day of September! And the holiday season extends beyond December 31st. It doesn’t end until the Feast of the Epiphany or Three Kings (Tatlong Hari) which falls around January 6.

If Mexico has piñatas, the Philippines has its parol. Of course, a parol is not something to hit with a stick. It is a Christmas lantern, most commonly in the shape of a five-pointed star. The bamboo or rattan frame is covered with rice paper, tissue or cellophane. Almost every family either builds or buys one to hang by the window or door. Shopping malls construct giant versions of parol. Traditionally, a candle was placed inside for light to shine through; for safety reasons, people now use bulbs or even a flashlight. Families, schools and other places also display a creche or nativity scene called belen. Christmas trees made of plastic are decorated with lights, tinsel and balls.

The Tagalog word for gift is regalo, but Filipinos have a special word for "Christmas gift" — pamasko. The Filipino version of Secret Santa is called Monito Monita or Kris Kringle. Students in their classes and office workers all hold gift exchanges during the Christmas season. Children receive fresh bills of money called aginaldo, usually when they visit their godparents and elderly relatives on Christmas morning.

Mostly Catholics, Filipinos begin a novena (a series of nine masses) on December 16th. The masses are part of the cherished religious tradition of Simbang Gabi, which literally means “Night Worship.” Filipinos go to church at four o’clock in the morning and afterward have breakfast together. A traditional drink during this season is a warm ginger tea called salabat and a traditional treat is a flat but thick yellow rice cake called bibingka.

On Christmas Eve (Bisperas ng Pasko), a few Filipino towns commemorate Joseph and Mary’s search for a place to stay with a reenactment called panunuluyan, a tradition very similar to the Mexican posadas.

What every Filipino looks forward to is Noche Buena, the grand family dinner after the midnight mass. Christmas morning is the time for visiting relatives. Filipinos wear new if not their best clothes. Children do mano, which is kissing or bringing to their forehead the hand of an elderly person. This is when they receive their pamasko, certainlyaguinaldo from godfathers and godmothers. Christmas lunch and Christmas dinner are with family.


Christmas around the world

Here we take a look at some of the yuletide customs observed by our cousins across the globe
From Spain: Saint Nicholas is escorted by his assistants called Zwarte Piet
From Spain: Saint Nicholas is escorted by his assistants called Zwarte Piet
The Netherlands
Here, the most important day of the festive season is December 5, when Sinterklaas, or St Nicholas, arrives by steamboat from his home in Spain.
Until the 19th Century, Sinterklaas operated along, bringing well-behaved children presents and spiriting bad youngsters away in his sack for re-education and a beating.
However, in 1850, children's author Jan Schenkman drew him with a black servant, who later became known as Zwarte Piet or Black Pete.
It became Zwarte Piet's job to go down the chimney to deliver presents and catch the less fortunate children.
Saint Nicholas is escorted by his three assistants called "Zwarte Piet" during a traditional parade in central Brussels
From Spain: Saint Nicholas is escorted by his assistants called Zwarte Piet

The land of ice and snow has no fewer than 13 Santa Clauses.
Thirteen days before Christmas, the first Santa descends from the mountains and visits each house to put treats in children's shoes while they sleep.
Well-behaved children get presents such as mandarins, scratch cards and sweets, while bad kids typically receive something less attractive, such as a potato.
The next day the second Father Christmas comes to town and so on.
Then on December 25, the first one goes back, the next day the second one goes back.
January 6 is called "the thirteenth" and is the last day of Christmas because that day the last Santa goes home.

Here, Christmas Eve is the most important day of the festive season.
Families traditionally mark the occasion with a feast and a visit to church for midnight mass.
Some families will sing at Christmas but in general the mood is one of contemplation and reflection.

For Polish children presents arrive on December 6.
That's because this is St Nicholas Day, or Sw. Mikolaj Day and St Nicholas is the original Father Christmas.
Unlike Santa in the UK, this character dresses in the white and gold of a Bishop, rather than red and white.

Here, presents are exchanged on Christmas Eve.
They are sometimes delivered by Santa Claus, although he goes by the name Julenissen.
Gifts are also brought by small gnomes called Nisse.
Many families will leave a sheaf of wheat out for birds to eat over Christmas.
They often also leave out rice porridge for the Nisse who are believed to watch over farm animals.

Argentinians decorated their homes with lights and wreaths and hang red and white garlands of flowers on their doors.
Christmas trees are also popular and they are often decorated by December 8 - the feast of the Annunciation, when Christians remember when Mary was told she would have the baby Jesus.
The Nativity scene, or pesebre, is also an important Christmas decoration in Argentina.
Here, the main Christmas meal is eaten during the evening of Christmas Eve.
Popular dishes include roasted turkey, roasted pork, stuffed tomatoes and Christmas bread and puddings like 'Pan Dulce' and Panetone.
People often set off fireworks at midnight and 'toast' the start of Christmas Day.

Christmas comes in the middle of the summer holidays here.
Australians hang wreaths on their front doors and sometimes go carol singing on Christmas Eve.
People also decorate their houses and gardens with Christmas trees and lights.
Australians also decorate their houses with bunches of 'Christmas Bush', a native tree with small green leaves and cream coloured flowers.
When he gets to Australia, Santa gives the reindeer a rest and uses kangaroos or 'six white boomers'.

Christmas in Nigeria is a family event.
Many families will throw Christmas parties that will last all night long on Christmas Eve, then on Christmas Morning, they go to church to give thanks to God.
Homes and streets are often decorated and most homes have artificial Christmas trees.
Nigerians do eat turkey at Christmas.
However, in addition, a traditional Christmas meal may include beef, goat, sheep, ram or chicken.

In Vietnam Christmas Eve is often more important than Christmas Day.
The country used to belong to France and there are still French influences in its Christmas traditions.
For example, like in France, the special Christmas Eve meal is called 'reveillon' and has a 'bûche de Noël' (a chocolate cake in the shape of a log) for desert.
Vietnamese people like to give presents of food and at Christmas a bûche de Noël is a popular gift.
Santa is called Ông già Noel - which translates as Christmas old man. - DailyMirror
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Shore It Up @ #FUNgasinan

Rescue, Restore and Revive this is the commitment of the Metro  Pacific Investment Foundation to the environment that leads to a one of kind campaign in  preserving our environment  - The Shore it Up.

For 4 successful years, MVP Group of Companies continues to help localities all over the country by means of different environmental drives not only in protecting the environment but in boosting the local tourism of the place.

On its 5th year Shore it Up go back to the different destinations for the last 4 years, which fortunately includes Pangasinan to conduct different activities for the environment.

Last Oct. 26, 2013 a massive clean-up drive was held at different coastal cities and municipalities in the province which is participated by more than a thousand Pangasinenses. After the clean up a drive a workshop for the junior environmental scouts was conducted at the Pangasinan Training and Development Center. Fun activities were conducted to increase awareness of the kids on protecting the environment.

Other Activities like mangrove planting and  giant clamp re-arrangement was also conducted at some part of the province.

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Tinas Touch Body Massage    300.00
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Tondol: The Boracay of the North

Boracay! Definitely this will be the first thing to come to your mind when they say white sand beach. Indeed, Boracay is really a paradise but don’t you know that Pangasinan has its own Boracay?

Yes you heard it right! But I’m not referring to Patar white sand beach of Bolinao instead to the hidden Paradise of Tondol in Anda Pangasinan.

Tourists tagged Tondol as the “Little Boracay of The North” because it really looks like Bora from the color and texture of the sand to the shade of the water. The Difference is only Tondol has smaller shoreline and no parties during night time.

What makes Tondol different?

Tondol is very calm and peaceful not like other famous go to beaches in the country tondol has a tranquil atmosphere.

“Island walking” haha.. don’t know how to describe their islands. During low tide you don’t need to rent a boat just to visit  a nearby island because you can walk in getting there. Sounds awesome right? But there’s more! They call it the Floating Dessert, local tells that this island walks or should I say changes its location depending on the tide. Awesome!

You can also enjoy kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving when you go to Tondol without spending too much.

For approximately 2-3 hours drive from Lingayen you can experience the majestic beauty of Tondol white sand beach.

FYI: Tondol White sand Beach is Located at Anda, an island municipality in Pangasinan which they call as the mother island of the famous hundred islands of Alaminos City.

1st Pangasinan Cheerleading Competition: a battle for Supremacy

This year Pangasinan will mark another history as Pangasinan Cheerleaders League coined the first ever Pangasinan Cheerleading Competition.

This September 21, 2013, Saturday, mark your calendar and witness how young passionate pangasinan cheerleaders will battle for supremacy showcasing their talents with poise, flexibility, gracefulness and pride.
Be Loud! Be Proud! Cheer the Crowd! Seven PROUD teams from different High School, Colleges and Universities all over the province will be LOUD and will CHEER THE CROWD to bring home the title of being the 1st Pangasinan Cheerleading Competition Grand Champion.

But aside of being capped as the champion, the winner will secure its spot for the Finals of the National Cheerleading Competition Next Year.

So, make sure to free your day on the 21st of September and join us in this historic event which to be held in Robinsons Place Pangasinan from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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Photo Blog:Pangasinan Heritage

Pangasinan Capitol
Pangasinan Provincial Capitol 1900's
Casa Real (Pangasinan)
Casa Real - the First Capitol of Pangasinan

Lingayen Plaza
Lingayen 1900's

Photo courtesy of:
Arabela Ventenilla-Arcinue 

Pangasinan greets BRP Alcaraz off Bolinao waters

DAGUPAN CITY,  (PIA) -- Even for a fleeting moment, Pangasinenses took time to welcome the country’s second warship, BRP Ramon Alcaraz on Tuesday as it sailed on Bolinao shores before docking at the Subic Bay Freeport for the arrival ceremony. 

The Philippine Navy’s newly-acquired 2nd High Endurance Cutter left Charlestone, South Carolina on June 10 and passed by the ports in Florida, Panama Canal, Hawaii and Guam before it entered Philippine waters. 
Fisher folks from the towns of Sual and Bolinao, local government officials, students and local communities whom the ship will be dedicated to serve were part of the crowd that stood by as the vessel sailed on Bolinao waters. 
BRP Alcaraz officially arrived before dawn last August 2 off waters adjacent to Casiguran, Aurora. 
Commander Levi Carane of the Philippine Naval Forces in North Luzon, said the warship was officially welcomed with a formal ceremony by President Benigno S. Aquino III. 
Part of the ceremony was recognizing 88 sailors who were instrumental for her safe and successful maiden voyage to the Philippines, he said. 
The warship was named after Navy war veteran Ramon Alcaraz who was a member of the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1940. He showed his gallantry in battle when he shot down three low-flying Japanese planes off Bataan in January 17, 1942. (MCA/VHS/PIA-1Pangasinan) 

Pangasinan OTOP goes GOOGLE!

As a a part of  making Pangasinan as the first Digital province in the country, The Provincial Government of Pangasinan in partnership with GBG Dagupan and Google Southeast Asia will conduct another Digital Project that aims to promote and give online presence to province's local industry.

The event entitled " Pangasinan OTOP goes Google" will help small medium enterprises (SMEs) to showcase and promote  their products and industry using a new platform which is the internet. Also, the history or story of the OTOP product can be mapped too.

Pangasinan OTOP will be held on July 29, 2013 at the Pangasinan Training and Development Center from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Also, the event can be watched online through a livestreaming by TalkTV Global.

Pangasinan Bloggers will also attend the event as support  to the Provincial Government and Google's project and advocasies.

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Isang patak ulam na!

Bagoong ang  isa sa mag pinagmamalaking produkto ng Pangasinan lalo na ang Lingayen na ito ang pangunahing produkto.

Dito nga sa Lingayen matatagpuan ang isang namumukod tanging gawaan ng bagoong dahil sa kakaibang sarap at bango ng kanilang produkto.

Sa pagpunta namin sa JB Bernal Bagoong napatunayan ko na talaga naming masarap at napaka mabango ng kanila ng bagoong. Kasama ang aking production team pinatikim sa amin ni Mr. Daniel Jun Bernal ang kakaibang lasa ng baggong ng lingayen.

Ayon kay Mr. Bernal ang sekreto ng masarap nilang bagoong ay ang sariwang isda na kanilang ginagamit at sa tama at malinis na paggawa ng kanilang produkto. Dahil nga sa kalidad ng bagoong ng JB Bernal malapit na itong i-export sa ibat ibang parte ng mundo.

Maliban sa bagoong napakadami pang produkto ng JB Bernal ang mapagpipilian na siguradong swak sa panlasa nating lahat. Meron silang alamang, padas, monamon, patis at iba pa.

Kung gusto niyo din matikman kung gaano ka-linamnam ang bagoong ng JB Bernal Bagoong pwede niyong bisitahin ang kanilang pagawaan sa Don Claudio St., Pangapisan North, Lingayen Pangasinan.
Pwede din mag order at tumawag sa mga numerong ito (075) 662 -08-74 / 09175081220.


Ang aking travel buddy,GOsakto!

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Kahit nga malayo ako nauupdate parin ako sa mga kaibigan ko sa pmamagitan ng tawag gamit ang gosakto at ang internet sa saktong presyo at angkop as kailangan ko.

As aking pagta-travel nagreregister ako ng ng unlimited call sa globe at TM plus 50 text sa  lahat ng network at syempre 20mb para sa internet.

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