Tondol: The Boracay of the North

Boracay! Definitely this will be the first thing to come to your mind when they say white sand beach. Indeed, Boracay is really a paradise but don’t you know that Pangasinan has its own Boracay?

Yes you heard it right! But I’m not referring to Patar white sand beach of Bolinao instead to the hidden Paradise of Tondol in Anda Pangasinan.

Tourists tagged Tondol as the “Little Boracay of The North” because it really looks like Bora from the color and texture of the sand to the shade of the water. The Difference is only Tondol has smaller shoreline and no parties during night time.

What makes Tondol different?

Tondol is very calm and peaceful not like other famous go to beaches in the country tondol has a tranquil atmosphere.

“Island walking” haha.. don’t know how to describe their islands. During low tide you don’t need to rent a boat just to visit  a nearby island because you can walk in getting there. Sounds awesome right? But there’s more! They call it the Floating Dessert, local tells that this island walks or should I say changes its location depending on the tide. Awesome!

You can also enjoy kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving when you go to Tondol without spending too much.

For approximately 2-3 hours drive from Lingayen you can experience the majestic beauty of Tondol white sand beach.

FYI: Tondol White sand Beach is Located at Anda, an island municipality in Pangasinan which they call as the mother island of the famous hundred islands of Alaminos City.

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