Alcala’s nutritious Veggie Noodles, simply the best.

Oftentimes, a pack of noodles is tagged as unhealthy because of the artificial preservatives it contains. Despite this description which has been proven to be a fact, many people still resort to this meal, either as a snack, or as a substitute to lunch and dinner.

No brand of noodles has been highly recommended by dieticians.

But, in this fast-paced world packed with immensely remarkable innovations, nothing is impossible. Even the infamous noodles can take the spotlight on a positive degree. The unhealthy becomes otherwise.
The Local Government Unit of Alcala, Pangasinan spearheaded a project for women entrepreneurs in their town to produce a delectable yet healthy product—the Alcala Veggie Noodles.

Their noodles come in different flavors: squash, saluyot and malunggay. All the ingredients are fresh vegetables coming from the town of Alcala.

Ms.Vangie together with the help of her production staff demonstrated to us the process of noodle-making, from grinding of vegetables through mixing them with other ingredients to cooking the noodles in boiling water and deep-frying them in oil.

After the demo, we tasted two veggie noodle dishes prepared by the team—pancit and spaghetti. It really tastes so good that those who hate vegetables won’t even notice that they’re eating vegetables, a viable solution to the problem of parents who are having a hard time feeding their children with vegetables.

The taste is close to the pancit and spaghetti we’ve always craved for, but the preparation is way healthier. All flavors are a must try, but mikilunggay tops the list.

So, if you happen to be on a road trip in Pangasinan, never miss to visit Alcala and drop by the Alcala Veggie Noodle Processing Plant.

FYI: Aside from noodles, they also veggie breads and crackers that are perfect for snack time.

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  1. Glad to know this veggie noodles, I'll try to cook this one. Thank you for posting this article.