Discover Pangasinan, Discover Natividad!

To reach the top is the sole aim of the group.

This served as our mission as we patiently walk and reach the peak of a mountain in Natividad, Pangasinan where lies on top the 120 – meter Sky Plaza, the latest attraction in this small sixth district town.

Reaching the top signifies success especially when we saw the breath taking views at the foot of the mountain. We’ve just discovered a perfect hideaway from the dull and droning life.For only P50, a sports enthusiast can already enjoy a zipline ride here. The zipline is just one of the many attractions at the 2.2 hectare Natividad Forest Park. A nursery, water tank and grotto were earlier put up along with a big white cross at the highest peak. I suggest that you should have a strong stamina in climbing the highest peak. JNatividad, a fourth class town, also boasts of other attractions. A waterfall is just a kilometer away from the forest park, and boat rides at barangay Rizal.

Aside from this, Natividad has its different resorts where you can relax and chill after a tiring day. Sirok ti Manga Resort; Ilocano term for Under the Mango Tree is a new nature resort located in the foothills of the Caraballo Mountains in this small, quiet town which is one of the best resorts in town. The SM Resort is ideal for camping and nature walks. Other facilities set to be built by the municipal government in the Sirok Manga Resort are a social hall which can accommodate seminars by government agencies, a few cottages more and a chapel.

Natividad may not be able to compete with its neighboring towns in urban development but it wants to make its mark as an eco-adventure tourism site.

Natividad is also featured at TalkTV Global via Traveldotcom, a global tourism promotion show

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  1. i have visited their skyplaza as well and it is really amazing!! I want to go back with more friends