Balungao Hilltop Adventure

If you’re searching for ultimate adventure here in Pangasinan, Balungao is the best place to be. It is the place that will give you fear, nervousness, excitement and a feeling that is really intense.

Our group first tried the bungee trampoline which some of us almost lost their breath due to its unexpected thrill of being up and down which is sometimes uncontrollable. Though I am not one of that some, I still enjoyed watching my friends almost lose their mind.

The ATV driving wherein you will just find yourself acting like a pro despite the fact that it is not as hard to handle as a typical motorcycle where you still have to balance or like a car with many do’s and don’t’s because in ATV driving, as long as you can move the manibela left and right, your hands on the preno and can move the kambiyo front, back and neutral you are safe. I swear!

And of course, the main course, the star above all, the zip line riding wherein you have to be tired climbing on the mountain and giving yourself something to be afraid and nervous for. However, this feeling was the best feeling ever! Being above everything, flying like superman, breathing fresh air, being able to see nature’s offer on a bird’s eye view, shouting and sharing to the environment all your concerns, doubts, aches was such a wonderful experience.

Now, who can dare climb the mountain, cross a wire connecting two ends, and up to a multiple storey building high? Only a few can and I am proud that I am one of those who dared and survived.

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