45 pesos Shades only @ Siapno Tada Optical

Siapno tada optical is one of the most visited store at the Robinsons Place Pangasinan during its opening day as it offers promos that tempts shoppers to buy. Free Computerized eye check-up and discounts up to 50 % to name a few but the most tempting is the 45 peso shades. But it won’t stop there coz after you purchase any of their products you will have a free picture using the item you’ve purchased. Isn’t that great!

We've stayed in front of the store for 30 minutes and the sales ladies replaced shades that are displayed at the shelf  for 3 times coz the items is sold out. You can’t even pass on the way in front of the store due to the human traffic generated by siapno tada customers who are tempted to buy and avail of their opening promos. But regardless of the cheap price the quality of the products is really great which is the reason while a lot of shoppers buy that 45 peso shades. 

The very hospitable accommodation of the sales ladies and optometrists welcomes customers which makes them more valued, as a result satisfaction of customers are meet making that surely making them one of the regular customers of the Optical.

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